Mint Tea with Liquorice & Aniseed - 15 Teabags

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Halo Me was born out of the desire to bring the amazing health benefits of purple tea to a wider audience, focused in a sustainable and ethical way. Halo Me believes in nurturing a sustainable relationship with the environment and a fair partnership with our farmers in Kenya.


Which is why their tea bags and the bags into which they are packed are made from plant-based materials and are fully biodegradable. Our farmers work hard to deliver the freshest, purest leaves and buds from the purple tea bush, producing an exceptional quality that is reflected in every sip of our delicious bespoke blends.


Halo Me's mint purple tea lends its own unique charm to this classic combination of peppermint and liquorice. Fresh and invigorating, with irresistibly sweet top notes, this blend is the perfect after-dinner treat.


  • Purple tea (50%)
  • Peppermint (24%)
  • Liquorice (22%)
  • Aniseed (4%)